Steel flooring and walkways

We offer a range of different steel floorings and steel walkways all of which meet the Class 2 BS EN1090 CE standard. We offer various pattern options to ensure we can meet the customers needs. Our steel flooring is available in a range of materials including mild steel, GRP and stainless steel. 

The steel grate flooring is a popular preference within the industrial industry where strength and durability is required. Steel flooring offers many benefits not only is the material strong but it is also fire resistant, thus reducing the fire risk to a building and retarding the spread of a fire should it occur. 

Steel walkways are a great solution for external uses that are open to the weather. With good moisture and rust resistant properties steel walkways are much more immune to the effects of water.

 Our steel walkways can be combined with our steel handrails to offer a complete package. 

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