Metal Finishing

At JHT Fabrications, we are dedicated to delivering a comprehensive metal finishing service. 

With the latest equipment, we can ensure that every project meets the highest quality standards, aligned with Class 2 BS EN1090CE. 

Our metal finishing services include:

Powder Coating: We apply high-quality powder coating to our steelwork, providing long-lasting protection against the elements and corrosion. This not only extends the lifespan of your projects but also shields them from the rigours of daily wear and tear.

Galvanising: We offer galvanizing services in compliance with EN 1461 standards. This ensures that all steelwork is prepared to the highest standards, making it suitable for the hot-dip galvanizing method.

All of our metal finishing services undergo rigorous quality standards and checks. We can also offer our professional advice to help find the most suitable, cost-effective solution that meets your project’s needs. 

At JHT Fabrications, our commitment to high-quality metal finishing services ensures that your projects meet the highest industry standards. We also ensure that our metal products receive the care and protection they need to stand the test of time. Contact us today to experience our premium metal finishing solutions.


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