Steel Cutting

JHT Fabrications offer a range of services including steel cutting. With a wide range of cutting tools, we are able to meet any requirements whilst ensuring accuracy of each cut. Our cutting tools consist of:

4kW CNC laser

 We have been using our CNC laser cutter for many years. The tool provides us with the ability to offer a fast turnaround time and continuing to supply high quality and reliable services. The 4kW CNC laser cutter has significantly high dynamics with speeds of up to 140m/min and acceleration of 12m/s2. This tool also enables our team to cut special materials thanks to its high-pressure cutting feature.

High-definition plasma


Our advanced high-definition plasma cutting machine helps us to deliver cleaner vertical cuts for projects consisting of steel thicknesses between 3mm 25mm. The high-definition plasmas are the latest technology within plasma cutting, with the plasma arc being forced through a smaller nozzle to achieve a cleaner, squarer cute edge.


The guillotine machine is used within JHT to accurately cut sheet metal. With different angled blades and varying clearance between the upper and lower blades we have the capabilities of cutting different thicknesses of metal. Using a slicing action, the metal sheets receive a cleaner cut and is mainly used to produce straight cuts for materials including aluminium, brass, bronze, and mild steel.

Automated Saws

Whether its gates or railings, all projects completed within JHT Fabrications will require cutting to meet requirements. We use Automates saws for many purposes from small cuts to large beams and columns. 



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